The two main products on the market are StaffRoster and SMART ARMS.


StaffRoster is a web software for scheduling staff shifts and planning activities.
Starting from the analysis of business processes, the configuration of the system allows the insertion of all the information relating to employee records, contracts in use at the company, and the type of shift work that must be applied. 
It also provides the identification of the correct personnel requirements for each shift while also considering the professional characteristics of the employees, rules and particular constraints of the operational structure. 
Once the automatic scheduling is processed we move from the planning phase to the operational and management phase which allows schedule modification, the insertion of absences, the replacement of employees on shift, the exchange between employees, the authorization of vacation requests and overtime and much more. StaffRoster is also a very powerful internal communication system thanks to the real-time exchange of information and messages between users and their mobile app.

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Automatic scheduling

Automatic scheduling of shifts and activity planning. Management of absences, exchanges, replacements, employees' preferences and vacation and overtime authorization workflows.

Needs identification

Historical data management system for identification of needs. Management and monitoring of business productivity with alert and report mechanisms.

Mobile app

Mobile app for real-time communication between the company and employees. Schedule display, form request for vacation and preferences, messaging system and virtual stamping.

Smart Arms

SMARTARMS is a web management system for Ground Handling activities and airport activities in general through the analysis of the Flight Plan and human resource planning. SMARTARMS guarantees a real-time view of the operating situation in each area of the airport and facilitates interventions to resolve critical issues.

smart arms

Resource Planning

Human resources planning in the medium and long term. Management of absences (illnesses, holidays, vacations, etc.) and integrated decision support system.

Requirement Rules Engine

Rules engine for identifying personnel requirements for the management of flight-related activities. Daily planning of employees and airport resources.

Mobile App

Mobile app dedicated to the ramp agent for monitoring handling services and on-board activities. Real-time communication with the control room for fueling operations and ready signal for departure.